What Shift is Calling You?

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Ever feel "stuck" thinking 
nothing will ever change?

Yet, our challenges can become 
our greatest allies. 

When you are facing a challenge related to
your health, relationships, finances, work, mental and emotional well being, or a social or ecological stressor...

...it can be stressful.
I know that feeling well, myself.

Actually, that stressful feeling
is a "Shift Calling" you to accept the challenge and use it to bring more freedom and joy into your life!

The Beautiful News?

It only takes a 1° shift to redirect your trajectory and reach your desired destination! 

That's why I'm offering you early access to my forthcoming book, and FREE access to this sacred ground, Expansive Community!

If you liked The Secret, Change Your Paradigm, Change Your Life, 
or Atomic Habits, then you'll love Shift Calling!

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Shifting Your Relationships
How to Find Deeper Connection and Intimacy with the People Most Dear to You

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Who is Anna Gatmon, PhD

Hello, I'm Anna.
This photograph was taken the day I heard my first shift calling. I was tall, lanky, with bushy red hair, and had a stutter with learning disabilities. Yet, someone saw in me something I could not see for myself.


With very low self-esteem, and in spite of the risk, my fears and plans to enlist into the mandatory Israeli army service, I listened to the shift calling and was whisked away to Paris to begin a 10-year successful career as a fashion model. Sounds like a dream, but it was one of the hardest decisions I've ever made. 
After a while, and despite the material success, I felt something was missing. I sensed another shift calling. I decided to dedicate my life to understanding what it takes to transform our lives and live with greater meaning and purpose.
I've spent the last two decades on an inner quest into the workings of our world, the nature of reality, the significance of living through the current turbulent times, and the nature of suffering and transformation.
What I've learned, I'll share with you in my new book, Shift Calling, and inside the Expansive Community, where I am hosting everything related to my books and my work.

Since my first book came out in 2017, Living a Spiritual Life in a Material World: 4 Keys to Fulfillment and Balance, I've addressed over a hundred audiences, and spoken on the TEDx stage. 
I move through life by listening to the next shift calling me to grow into my fullness and guide others to do the same.
I live in Sonoma County, North of San Francisco, with my spouse and my dog, Coco.

My Process

Whether you're reading my FREE chapter, Shifting Your Relationships, the full book Shift Calling, participating in a workshop, or working with me individually, the transformation process is the same. It follows The Transformation Map (shown below), which simplifies the journey for you. 
  1. First, we identify what shift is calling you. The shift calling is where you feel "stuck,' which could be in a relationship, at work, at home, with money, your self-esteem, etc. Often, it's quite obvious, but other times it can take some real soul-searching to determine what shift is calling you.
  2. Next we practice one of the recommended shifts which are based on my Expansive principles. This could range from shifting your perception of yourself to shifting your probabilities for real change to happen. All of them will help, but we start with one.
  3. Then, you begin to experience the empowering changes. By monitoring how you're doing, we can adjust the practice or add a new practice to help achieve the desired results. Often, you will experience surprising changes that indirectly improve your situation.  
This is how we can transform our lives, elevate humanity and our planet.

What They're Saying

Reading the book and working with Anna through the community opened my eyes to the fact that I could feel expansiveness any time.
— Stacy Newcomb

You are kind, supportive, an out-of-the-box thinker, and you are productive and practical.
—Zora N.

I participated in a year-long program with Anna. It gave me the strength to make important, yet scary (at the time) moves.
— Adi Ynov

Your workshop was a spa for the soul. 
— Pauline H.

Thank you for your guidance with my initial forays into the spiritual and higher self-realm. Your expertise, knowledge and compassion are truly welcome and amazing.
— Kim D.

If you want to learn to value or enliven your spiritual life, Anna Gatmon offers a unique perspective through expansiveness or blissful spaciousness.
— Earleen R.

Anna Gatmon has been a great Influence on teaching me ways in which to bring Spiritual daily practices into my life.
— Janet L.

The whole concept of expansive state was new to me, and it was probably the biggest thing I learned. 
— Yelena Z.

My biggest learning was that I am not my story. Change is possible. In spite of a disability, I can succeed.
— Zora N.

No more struggle. The process of bringing your expanded self to everyday life is easy to apply and takes very little time.
— Nava R.

Anna was so graceful and skillful. She helped participants see through their habitual patterns and find a clear path back to their spiritual essence.
— Hagit C.

I think everyone would benefit from Anna's teachings. 
— Yelena Z.

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We were not meant to do life alone, yet many times our relationships bring out the worst in us. Or, we get stuck, preventing us from meaningful connection and intimacy. 
In your free chapter, Shifting Your Relationshipsyou will learn how to apply the principle of Spiritual-Material Wholeness to your relationships, which will provide a source for nurturing appreciation for significant relationships in your life, and ultimately generates love into our world.
  • Learn how to prevent your relationship from bringing out the worst in you.
  • Shift your perspective beyond typical labels as spouse, child, parent, colleague, or acquaintance.
  • Learn the primary principle behind fruitful relationships.

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